Rapport Fundraising can help you grow your supporter base through a number of acquisition campaigns. In addition to telephone fundraising we can provide full campaign management and support services to ensure minimum impact on your charities resources.

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Cash to commited

We can contact your one off cash supporters and ask them to convert to a regular gift. This campaign can achieve fantastic results whilst welcoming donors to the charity, thanking them and updating them on your work.

Lapsed reactivation

We can develop a campaign to reactivate the support of people who have given to a charity in the past. Rapport can develop a campaign to contact lapsed donors and ask them to restart their regular gift. Lapsed campaigns can achieve great results and provide valuable insight into why the person lapsed in the first place and their relationship with the charity.

Raffle recruitment

We can devise a telephone raffle recruitment strategy to attract new supporters to your charity. A raffle campaign can recruit high volumes of new supporters with a healthy ROI in a very short timeframe, it also offers the opportunity to spread the charity brand and create awareness through widespread ticket sales.

Home money box

A money box campaign is an alternative to raffle recruitment as a means to attracting new supporters. The objective of the campaign is to invite potential supporters to place a money box in their home and fill it with change for the charity. The longer term strategy involves asking them to become regular donors.

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